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Elegant, reliable execution of solutions to complex challenges are met, and delivered, based on an archive of successes. We over-deliver wherever possible, ensuring a consistent and mutually beneficial long-term relationship model.


A solid base of marketing know-how allows Emerge to present strategies, generate creative work, and deliver successful projects both within South Africa, and the African continent. We act as advisor to local partners, sharing our wealth of information, and taking responsibility for projects where required.







Direct communication between Emerge; our clients; and stakeholders creates an efficient system, with quicker turnaround times, approval processes are condensed, quality checks are done timeously, and roll-outs are within expectations and on budget.


We anticipate issues, and address them. We see opportunities, and we grab them.







Setup as a lean structure, we are nimble and jump to action when required. Our share incentive rewards talent to ensure low staff turnaround and to retain the individuals who provide our signature quality service, consistently. Our alternative income commission structure remunerates achievers delivering a continued focus on the bottom line.


We work both on retainer, and on ad-hoc basis to supply a menu of services based on client requirement. We work hard to differentiate ourselves and our offering from that of our competitors, and we make sure that we consider the consumers’ perspective whilst staying ahead of the curve in an age of constant innovation.


We use technology and the digital age to speed up communication, and embrace available channels to engage with the consumer, emerging as digital specialists.







- Independent consultation, advice, and experience

- Idea bouncing & brainstorming

- Marketing advisory service

- Market positioning advisory service

- Tenant advisory service


We’re committed to helping our clients make distinctive and substantial improvements in their performance, identify the breakthrough opportunities for growth, create a competitive edge and maximise revenue, profitability, and shareholder value. We work hard to recommend the best solutions, and then act on implementing them.


We have considerable expertise in the emerging markets of Southern Africa and South Africa, and a high level of awareness for the specifics and peculiarities of local business. Therefore, we are well positioned to deliver a real value to our clients and to exceed expectations.







We help to tip the scales in our clients’ favour by originating bold and unprecedented strategies that are unforeseeable by opponents.


Our knowledgebase of seasoned experts generate new concepts and ideas, brainstorms them into actionable and executable solutions, and finally ensures that deliverables are within agreed timeframes and expected budgets. We then implement these strategies, to ensure a consistent delivery and experience.







We manage the marketing budget to ensure that there is no or minimal variance on expenditure. This is done annually, with monthly reporting and reviews. Unscheduled opportunities are included in the budget where possible, and variations are contained by ensuring best-in-class vendors are used, with the lowest possible expense.


We constantly compare and negotiate improved services where there is existing agreements, or preferred checks and balances ensures safe and secure processes are adhered to.







We understand that exhibitions and indoor sales provide excellent opportunities for an additional revenue for both the owner and Emerge. A sales approach that is both in

sync with the marketing strategy and aligned with the overall business objectives will

ensure a decluttered and lasting impression whilst generating income.


A clean and clear sales structure where the sales partner is remunerated on a monthly basis, with annual incentives upon achieving predetermined targets, are agreed upfront.

This is included in service level agreement stage, and ensures a consistent, committed execution by the employee, the client & Emerge Marketing.







It is no secret that the world of marketing, public relations and advertising is changing at lighting speed. As with everything, its time to evolve and emerge into the future. Our

approach complements the traditional marketing model, with a fresh view on the appropriation of the funds made available to the marketing budget.


We take full control of the customer experience and transparency will dictate client -consultant relationship. We’re ready to provide you with a unique, simplified solution -

the future awaits.







Activities involved in the day to day functions of the business have carefully been considered and structures and systems and set up to accommodate a wide array of projects and tie-in to client requirements.


Processes, electronic equipment, finance and HR procedures, office and staffing structures are all in place to work within client expectation. These are discussed in detail at contract stage, and included in our service level agreement.







The service to our clients is the hallmark of our business. Our always available, one call away philosophy is about going beyond what is realistically expected.


It is about surprising, and often delighting clients, turning them into enthusiastic referral sources and lifelong clients who stick with us - not only because we do great work at a fair price, but because of the value we bring that goes far beyond our closest competitors.


We’re not names and faces on a web page, we’re people you’ve come to know and trust.






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